Educational Achievements

Educational Outreach

The Saudi Art Council, in its eighth year, will continue striving to provide unique tailored programs geared towards educating our community with the arts and its vital presence for the preservation of our culture. Our programmes are designed to give learning opportunities to any art enthusiast whether or not they are actively involved the art scene.

Artists Training

Each artist we work with is provided with mentorship and guidance from our experienced curatorial committee and our renowned international curators. SAC artists are not only paired with curators that challenge and develop their practice, but they often travel on dedicated study trips abroad, gaining global exposure helping them network and gain experience.

Schools and Students

SAC is committed to educating local students at both school and university levels. We have partnered with the Ministry of Education to effectively reach thousands of governmental and private schools in Jeddah. Organising field trips, helping expose many of them for the first time to curated contemporary art exhibits and successful artists.

Workshops and Talks

We host a wide series of workshops and talks, conducted both virtually and in person, for community members to learn from one another, as well as from experts in the art world.


The Saudi Art Council’s Values:
  • Developing Creativity
  • Communicating
  • Understanding culture
  • Making connections & critical thinking
2014 - 2020

Educational Achievements

Number of workshops 200

Number of students 250k

Each year, with every edition of 21,39 Jeddah Arts the Saudi Art Council curates an extensive educational program open to the public.
The program comprises of workshops & courses by artists experienced in their fields and skills, study trips that include schools and families, talks and panel discussions are put into the program with great thought on the speakers and the subject.

Symposiums / Panel Discussions

The Jeddah Arts Forum is a program of talks and panel discussions that build on the curatorial commentary of 21,39 in 2020, focusing on issues of sustainability and the environment in the context of Saudi Arabia. Artists commissioned to create and exhibit work will be discussing their projects alongside those from a range of disciplines, from academics and scientists to environmental activists and architects.

1- Looking Back to Step Forward: Frei Otto’s Legacy

3- Addressing Human Intervention in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf

4- AlUla. Migration, Shelter and the Desert

5- Fixing Fashion: the challenge of finding new models of sustainability

Moderator: Chris Dercon

  • Christina Dean
  • Filwa Nazer

6- Whose job is it to save the world?

Moderator: Carlo Rizzo

  • Ghaida Bajbaa
  • Daniah AlSaleh
  • Maha Nasrallah

7- Reflecting artist process and engagement with 21,39’s curatorial theme: I Love You, Urgently

Moderator: Danielle Makhoul


  • Marwah Al Mugait
  • Aziz Jamal
  • Obadah AlJefri

8- White Mountains

Moderator: Irene Hediger


  • Christopher Robinson
  • Michael L. Berumen
  • Zahrah Al-Ghamdi
  • Marie Griesmar


  • Urban sketching by Samiah Khashoggi
  • “Building bridges between yourself and your circle” by Lama & Rama Ajeenah
  • “Of clay” by Nesreen Bakheet
  • “Making a camera obscura for Pinhole image” by Aljohara
  • “Doodles” by Mymona Mandili
  • “Printed stories” by Mona Sunbol
  • “A Trip and Adventure drawing and painting” by Ebtehal Alrajhi
  • “In the shadow of a tree” by Wafaa Karsha
  • “Looking for clues and finding logic in an illogical reality” by Dr Effat Fadag
  • “Moving myth stories” by Meaad Aljohani
  • “The limits of the letter” by Ibrahim El-Arafi

Summer Edition 2019: Public / Private

Workshops held at Al balad and SAC HQ
  • Dreams world by Sara Abu Abdulla
  • Poster Design for kids by Mazin Maimani
  • Paper and light by Art jameel
  • Keeks Chic by Art Jameel
  • Pottery works by Keramos
  • Open Graffiti by Ahmed Bawazeer
  • Engineering for kids

Family days were introduced as part of this year’s educational program. They took place in one of the exhibition spaces, the old PepsiCo factory in Jeddah


1. Geology, geometry, structure and morphology in perpetual flux

Moderator: Vassilis Oikonomopoulos, Curator of 21,39 2018

  • Moath Alofi
  • Ayman Zedani
  • Abdulrahman Gazzaz

2. Reimagining the Museum

Moderator: Alia Al Senussi

  • Ahmad Angawi
  • Venetia Porter

3. The Future of Tradition

Moderator: Aaron Cezar

  • Ahaad Alamoudi
  • Aya Haidar
  • Nojoud Al Sudairi
  • Nasser Al Salem
  1. Contemporary Art Talk, a presentation by Ithra, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture. Presented by Candida Pestana.
  2. Using Film for Advocacy by Martha Adams, An award-winning storyteller who produced the film at the center of the Girl Rising campaign.
  3. “Cinematic Storytelling”, in collaboration with the American Film Showcase. The Panelists discussed storytelling and film from the perspectives of acting, writing and directing.
  1. “Ontological Possibilities of Objects” by Brick Lab. a two-day workshop that focuses on the area of Al-Balad.
  2. “From research to realization” by Moath Alofi, Alofi ’s practice is mainly concerned with the landscape, culture and civilization of his native Madinah and the surrounding areas.
  3. Photography workshop by Emy Kat
  1. khuzam Palace
  2. Makka, A historical visit to the Palaces of Makkah, The programme included visits to Al-Sulaiman Palace, Dar Al- Bayadhya, Al-Tayseer Palace, Kuwair Palace, and King Farouk’s Palace.
  3. Taif, Day Trip to Taif to discover hidden artistic gems. The programme included visits to the Ta’if Flowers Garden, Jabra Castle, Al-Kateb Castle, Barhat Abdullah bin Abbas, and the Theatre of the Culture and Arts Society.

30 Workshops Took Place

3 Days of Seminars

25 Speakers


Day 1:
Safar – Forum / al-muntada: Art Platform / al-minassah
Curatorial talk, (Curatorial Practices / Shifting Grounds), by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, curators of SAFAR

Day 2:
Safar – Forum / al-muntada: Art Platform / al-minassah
Curatorial talk, (Curatorial Practices / Shifting Grounds), by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, curators of SAFAR

Day 3:
Safar – Forum / al-muntada: Art Platform / al-minassah
Curatorial talk, (Curatorial Practices / Shifting Grounds), by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, Curators of SAFAR

Panel discussion “Laugh the issues out” With The Comedy Club
Panel discussion “Creating social change” With Rayan fayez and Eissa Bougary.

Workshops / Talks


1. Art history (A Brief History of Modern and Contemporary Arab Art) by Dr. Bahaa Abudaya
Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Qatar Museums and Visiting Professor of Art History at the Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi

2. Photography (Alternate Narratives Through Portraiture) by George Awde
Assistant Professor of Photography at Virginia Commonwealth University in Doha, Qatar and co-Director of marra.tein, a residency and research initiative in Beirut

3. Principles of design by Luis Castañeda
Associate Professor of Graphic Design at the American University in Dubai.

4. Typography (An intensive 2-day typography workshop that focuses on the experimental potential of Arabic typeface design). by Huda AbiFares is the founding director of the Khatt Foundation


  1. Painting Course (Painting as a language), 12 weeks course by Dr. Effat Fadag
  2. Drawing Course (Fundamentals of Drawing) 12 weeks by Samiah Mohammad Khashoggi


  1. Art of Coffee series by Medd café and Roastery
  2. Moderated viewing of art 21

1. “Investment in Culture- The Muharraq Experience”
Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al Khalifa
President of Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA)

2. “Activating Cultural Spaces- Egypt”
Farouk Hosny
Artist, Former Minister of Culture in Egypt

3. “Cultural Philanthropy: Sustaining the Arts and Culture Sector”
Moderator: Salma Tuqan
Middle East Contemporary Art and Design Curator at the Victoria and Abert Museum


Dr. Maha Senan
Executive Director of the Saudi Society for Preservation of Heritage.
Oussama Rifahi
Executive Director of the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC).
Nina Hoas
Executive Director, Philanthropy Advisory, UBS Wealth Management.
Venetia Porter
Assistant Keeper (Curator), Islamic and Contemporary Middle East Art, The British Museum.

Workshops and Talks

1. “L’ECOLE”
With Van Cleef

2. “Recycling Material into Works of Art”
With Saddiq Wasel

3. “Exploring Sculpture”
With Dina Zameli & Sanaa Maalouf
Childrens workshop (Age 7-11 years)

4. “Let’s Clay”
With Nora Almazrooa & Nasrin Bakheet
Adult Workshop (Time: 10am – 2pm)

5. “Exploring Assemblage”
With Dina Zameli & Sanaa Maalouf
Childrens workshop (Age 7-11 years)

6. “Decide… and change your life”
With Faisal Sheraiff
Adult Talk

7. “Intro To Smart Phone Photography”
With Muath Aldahry
Adult Workshop

  1. The making of the exhibition “FAST FORWARD” by Bashar Alshroogi, the curator of the edition.
  2. Saudi modern & contemporary art history at a glance by Mohammed Al-Resayes|Saudi Artist and Art Historian.
  3. “Investment in culture:The muharraq experience” by Sheikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al Khalifa|Minister of Culture, Bahrain.
  4. Darat al funun: Home for the arts in Amman by Suha Shoman|Founder & Chair of the Khalid Shoman Foundation and Darat Al Funun, Jordan.
  5. Announcement of the guggenheim, ubs map global art initiative, by Joan Young|Director, Curatorial Affairs, Guggenheim Museum
  6. “Supporting artistic endeavor: artists in residence”

Moderator: Hamza Serafi


Mona Khazindar Al Mansouria Foundation
Aaron Cezar Director, Delfina Foundation, UK

Mo Ogrodnik Founder/director of FIND- Associate professor at NYU, Abu Dhabi Sarah Raza | Guggenheim UBS MAP Curator, Middle East & North Africa
Abdelaziz Ashour Saudi Artist
Ibrahim Abu Musmar Saudi Artist

7. “Documenting the history of modern & contemporary arab art”
Moderator: Myrna Ayad


Abdulrahman Al-Soliman Saudi Artist and Art Historian.
Nada Shabout Associate Professor of Art History NYU Abu Dhabi.
Muslim Studies Initiative ( CAMCSI ).

  • Sam Bardaouil Curator, Art Historian, Co-Founder of Art Reoriented.
  • Salwa MikdadiAssociate Professor of Art History NYU Abu Dhabi.
  • Nasser Al Salem

Title: Expression Through the Art of Calligraphy
Children Workshops (ages 10-15)

  • Saddik Wasil

Title: Learn to Turn Recycled Materials into Artworks

  • Nasser Al Salem

Title: Expression Through the Art of Calligraphy
Adults Workshop

  • Dana Awartani

Title: The Art of Illumination
Adult Workshop

  • Samiah Kashoggi

Title: “ Spill Away” – The Art of Creative Journaling
Ladies Workshop

  • Dr. Effat Fadag

Title: The Arabesque
Adult Workshop

  • Samiah Kashoggi

Title: Pen and Wash
Ladies Workshop

  • Saddik Wasil

Title: Learn to Turn Recycled Materials into Artworks
Children Workshop ( ages 5-15)

  • Ahd Kamel

Title: Stories of a Saudi Film Maker talk

  • Samiah Kashoggi

Title: Contemporary Practices in Saudi Art
Ladies Workshop

  • Dr. Effat Fadag

Title: Islamic Orientation Structure
Adults Workshop

Exhibition Opening Hours in HQ:
Monday to Thursday from 2 PM to 10 PM
Friday 5 PM to 10 PM
Saturday 10 AM to 10 PM

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